Saturn the Gray?

Every since the Cassini probe has been in the news (for those of you living under a rock it’s the space probe that will be studying Saturn for the next four years) I keep hearing people calling Saturn the “Lord of the Rings”. This really bugs me. If anything the planet should be called the “Lord of the Babies and Harvest” or something not quite as silly as that.
This makes me wonder if we as a society aren’t being completely brainwashed. If this space mission would have taken place ten years ago would they still use the phrase “Lord of the Rings”. Yes it makes sense – Saturn does have rings – but are they calling it that because of the recent movies. Doing this is like calling Pluto “Mickey’s Orange Dog” or Mars “the chocolate bar planet”.
Though I guess I’m just ranting. I wonder if this is part of growing old or maybe it’s just that I’m more questioning about peoples motives’. Who knows 🙂

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  1. I know what you mean. Frustrating.

  2. I never really thought much of it until I read “Mars: The chocolate bar planet”, good call my friend…good call…

  3. wow. that was deep troy! *wink