FridayQ – July 9, 2004

Haven’t done a Friday Q in a couple of weeks. So I do one now!!!
FQ TOPIC: Suggestive.
FQ1: Suggest something to read, something to watch…
Something to Read: The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Something to Watch: Donnie Darko
FQ2: Suggest someone to admire, someone to stare at…
Someone to Admire: Michael Moore, for saying things that people should be thinking about – even if you don’t agree with him.
Someone to Stare at: Bjork or Alyson Hannigan
FQ3: Suggest someplace to go, someplace to avoid…
Someplace to go: Scotland because it is beautiful and the people are great
Someplace to avoid: Detroit, Michigan because the place isn’t beautiful and some of the people suck
FQ PROJECT: Suggest an itinerary for somebody visiting your city by listing the five must-see attractions of the area.
This question might be better for Firda to answer. Let’s see.
While visiting Kitchener-Waterloo make sure to check out:
1) Waterloo Park Zoo – Go to the zoo to see rabbits, guinea pigs, llamas, pigs, peacocks, peahens, peachicks and many other crazy animals.
2) The Mennonites – If you go north of the city you’re bound to run into mennonites out for a leisurely drive in their horse and buggy. Just try not to get stuck behind them if your driving a car. That can be just about close to hell.
3) The Iron Horse Trail – A nice lesiurely walk or bike ride from downtown Waterloo to southern Kitchener. It use to be a railway line but was long ago ripped up and turned into a walking trail. As long as you don’t fall off your bike and break your wrist (like I did) you should have a good time. It is also part of the trans Canada trail so if you want to continue on and walk across Canada you could.
4) Princess Cinemas/Generation X Video – If you like non-Hollywood movies you can either take in a movie at the Princess Cinemas or rent a movie from Generation X, which has a large anime section for you anime freaks. Cheaper than the big box cinemas with a wider selection.
5) Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery – If you like clay and if you like glass this is the place for you. I’ve never actually been to this place. Maybe sometime before the end of the summer. I think it might be an interesting place to spend an hour or so.
And that ends my Friday Q for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend. I’m off to a wedding tomorrow. Later!

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