Heading North

Heading up to Sault Ste Marie tomorrow. I’ve only been to the city once before with my family. We went to our cottage and then headed north. I don’t remember why we decided to make the trip. I don’t remember much about the town. The only thing I really remember is Mr. Bon Soo, who is the mascot of the Bon Soo Winter Festival. He’s basically a rip off of the Bonhomme (the Quebec City snow man).
I’m not heading north for fun. I have business in the Soo but it’s always interesting seeing places as an adult. I’m just hoping that I don’t get lost on the trip up. I always get nervous about driving in a new town but I’m sure I’ll survive.

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  1. Firda

    Don’t worry, you have me as a navigator. I have pretty good sense of direction. 🙂