Hospital Weekend



1 weekend.
17 hours in hospitals.
2 family members still holding on.
Not such a great weekend.

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  1. kaley

    Troy! What happened? I’m thinking of you all – I hope everyone is okay…

  2. nas

    Troy! My god, man…this sounds drastic. you okay? I’m sending you love from here.

  3. Kirsi

    Oh no, what happened? I’m so sorry, I hope things will get better soon. *HUGS*

  4. Troy

    My grandfather (dad’s dad) is in the hospital after a fall and a heart attack in the nursing home. The doctors didn’t expect him to last 48 hours but he’s struggling to keep around. He opens his eyes and looks around but we aren’t sure if his brain is processing his surroundings.
    And my cousin (on my mom’s side) has been fighting cancer for the past 8 years and is almost done with the fight. She’s has been in the hospital for several months.
    Not a very good weekend. Though it is nice to see family members, even if it’s not very nice circumstances.

  5. she

    i’m so sorry, troy. you and they are in my prayers.