Housewarming in Toronto, and Little Baby Will

Another weekend came and went. It went by way too fast. If you’ve been reading Firda‘s blog you will know that Southwestern Ontario is in the midst of a heat-wave. The high for most days have been in the upper twenties (Celsius – around 83 Fahrenheit), but it has been feeling like 34 if you factory in the humidity. This trend continued throughout the weekend.
Firda and I headed down to my parents place Friday after I got home for work. The got home with the intent of Barbequing and taking a swim in the pool, but alas the grill was out of propane and the pool pump wasn’t cooperating, so we went out for Chinese food instead. After eating we stopped by a friends place but he was asleep on his couch so we just headed back home to the cool refreshing basement. We watched a little TV (I watched X-Men 2) and then off to bed. We slept in the basement since the rest of the house was very furnace like.
Saturday we got up around 11:00, which is quite an accomplishment, and ran around getting ready for a housewarming party we were going to later in the afternoon to celebrate the moving-in-together of SMooSH and Loba. We arrived in “Little India” (the name of the area they live in) at about 6:00. SMooSH cooked up some food and everyone ate there fill. The rest of the night was spent sitting around, chatting, drinking and just relaxing. The temperature was hot but I didn’t mind it too much. We left for home around midnight and got back to my parents place just before 2 a.m. We slept in the basement again since the house was still boiling hot.
Sunday Firda and I went over to see our friends’ new little one, William. He was born two days before our wedding. He slept almost the whole time we visited but I got to play with his 1.5 year old brother Sam, which is always a good time. Sam has turned into quite the comedian. His dad asks him “Sam, where do sheep go to get their hair cut?” to which Sam replies “At the baa-baa shop”. It was so cute. He had a couple other jokes but that was the best one.
After that we headed back to my parents place, finished our laundry, packed the car and headed for the “hottest apartment on the face of the earth ™”. The moment we stepped in the door Firda had all the windows open and the box fan a’blowin’!
This heat wave is supposed to break by Wednesday. I’m really hoping so. I don’t think Firda can handle any more heat 🙂

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  1. Rebeka

    Don’t you guys have Air Conditioning in Canada? *wondering*

  2. We do have A.C. in Canada. Most of us don’t have it though. Especially since for almost half of the year we don’t need it (winter, early spring and late fall). Plus what we just went through was an unusually crazy heat wave.