One Week and Three Days.



Firda and I have survived our first week and three days together as husband and wife. Not much has changed. We still live together. We still love each other. I think the only thing that makes being married any different is when we have those moments. You know those “I can’t believe we are married” moments. To clarify it isn’t an “oh my god why did I marry you” moment, it’s a “I can’t believe we are married” moment.
Ever since I graduated from University I’ve had “I can’t believe I graduated from university” moments but the marriage one now beats that one out.
Now that I’m done talking about moments I’ll bring everyone else up to date on the adventures of Firda and Troy.
First thing: The weather has been so freaking warm since Saturday. Firda told me that it feels like Indonesia. I think it’s probably a little less humid than Indonesia.
Second thing: Firda and I went walking in Guelph on Saturday, where we took a walk along the Speed River. We saw lots of dogs, canoers taking pictures of each other while they were in the same boat, wild flowers, ducks and geese. We also had ice cream at the “boathouse” and watched three teens ride up in what looked to be a salvaged paddleboat. We also saw one of the kids lose most of his ice cream to the river while he was paddling around.
Third thing: We went for a walk down the Iron Horse trail on Sunday. It was a very trying walk for Firda. Mostly due to the heat. We did walk through the Tripride festival in Victoria Park at one point. Very interesting. Lots of rainbows. I also got a bad sunburn on my foot. Yes on my foot. Apparently I didn’t put any lotion on the sections of my foot the sandles didn’t cover. I’m not complaining though. Just stating a fact.
Fourth thing: I’m going down to New York state for the next couple of days for a work related job. It shouldn’t be difficult work, just long work days. I’ll be back on Friday but we will hopefully be staying in a hotel with internet access. I’ll make it a point to get one.
Fifth thing: That about covers it. Hopefully I’ll have some time to post before the weekend. If not Firda and I are heading to my parents place for the weekend and I’ll be back on Monday. Have a great rest of the week.

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