Housework Sunday

So I finally finished playing Neverwinter Nights (which took forever, almost as long as Morrowind) and now I have nothing to do. I spent most of Sunday cleaning the house and doing odd jobs. I vacuumed the rug, swept all non-rug floors on the main level, washed the dishes, cleaned the counters and cleaned up the bathroom (including scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the sink and counter, washing out the tub). I also went grocery shopping and picked up a bunch of stuff at Canadian Tire (hardware store) so I could hang a picture on my wall, repair a broken mop and oil a squeaky chair.
What a busy yet boring day 🙂

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  1. Firda

    This entry must be posted before you got called away to curl 🙂 Know what? Since I’ve never seen people curling, I always picture you with hair rollers when you say ‘curl’.