Curling Basics

I went curling again last night. It was unexpected but I was called upon to substitute for someone who wasn’t around this weekend. The game was alright (though my playing stunk) and we ended up winning 5 to 2.
Since I’ve been talking about curling a lot lately and the only people who understand what I am talking about would be the Canadians (and maybe a couple of the Americans) plus Am said in an entry response that she had no idea what the game was all about I give you a link which may help explain what the game is about. Curling Basics is a nice little flash site that shows animations for the basic curling plays. I would suggest for anyone interesting just look at the first row of animations and you’ll get an idea of what the game is all about. There are also some pictures of the 2002 charity curling bonspiel.
In summary curling is kind of like shuffle board except: (1) you play it on ice, (2) you break a sweat, (3) angular momentum comes into play in curling. Hope this explains a little more about the game to those who care. 🙂

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