Hunting Anne Frank’s Betrayer

I was thinking about this last night and wondering if the person who turned in the Frank’s had ever been identified. I found this news article from today.
Interesting article. Though it’s kind of freaky that I was thinking about this last night.

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  1. that has crossed my mind also. i’ve been to anne frank’s annex.

  2. nicole


  3. Jake Twitters

    Yo. I haven’t been to Anne Frank’s annex. What’s it like?

  4. Klayton McNalley

    It’s very interesting. I should know, ’cause I’ve been there.

  5. Jake Twitters

    You have?

  6. Klayton McNalley

    Yup. It’s kinda creepy. Oops. I gotta get off. Later, homie-g’s.

  7. Jake Twitters

    Ah. I see. Oh, my time’s up, too. Oh well. Goodbye.

  8. Klerican Dodger

    What the heck is all this? Will someone PLEASe explain it to me?

  9. Rhea

    I’ve been to Anne Franks annex too!

  10. Rhea

    do u have any idea who anne franks betrayer was?

  11. Rhea

    I guess not many people vist this place huh!

  12. Lauren

    I am doing a report on who betrayed Anne Frank? and i need some help!