Ice Storm 2003 Update

Here is my ice storm story. On Thursday morning there was no snow on the ground. When I left school at 4:30 pm there was ice on my car and it took me about 20 minutes to clean it off. It really sucked because I had taken my hats and mitts out of the my car (since I didn’t expect it to snow again). While I was driving home I was almost in an accident because of some idiot who pulled out of a parking lot in front of me.
The next day (Friday) I awoke to find out it was a “snow day” for me so I decided to take some pictures of our street (from the comfort of our living room, naturally).

Icy Street

You have to remember that 24 hours before there was no snow anywhere. The snow ploughs didn’t get around to plowing our street until Saturday so it was fun driving around with the side streets like that. I decided to go grocery shopping Friday afternoon and when I went out to my car I discovered that it was covered in a sheet of ice (which is what I was expecting).

Icy Car

It may look like there is just snow on my car but it is covered with about 2 to 5 centimeters of ice. It took me half an hour to “beat the ice” off of my car but this time I had gloves and a hat.
On Saturday the temperature increased a little and some of the snow/ice melted. It was really slushy here but at least the roads were clear. Thus ends my ice storm story and I hope I get an A+ on the assignment 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    Just popping in to tell you the storm has moved eastwards and is now right over Quebec City. We already have 20+ cm of snow (from what I can tell, looking out of the window), and the storm is not over yet.
    I don’t expect ice though, the temperature was much lower than zero C when the first snow flakes hit the ground.