More Exciting Than Previously Advertised

My weekend ended up being a lot more exciting and fun than I thought it would be. Friday night was kind of boring (though as I said I did watch a good movie) but Saturday night was fun. I went with my housemate and a bunch of his friends to a local bar downtown called the Jane Bond to see a Blues musician by the name of Andre Willams. He is from Alabama (which is pretty far south), is a dirty dirty man and has a gruff voice. Perfect for the kind of music he was singing. The show was interesting. He started off telling us about his trip to Ottawa and his opinion on the women there (which is a more pleasent way of explaining what he talked about). During th next intermission the whole audience was completely confused when he told us a story including the rhyming couplet “Imagine me at four, with a condom on the floor”. No idea what it meant and where he was getting this from. One thing is for sure. When I’m in my late 60’s I want to be able to get up on stage and belt away from a couple of hours and then go home with a sweet young thing 🙂 Baby…. Come on baby 🙂

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  1. I’ve wanted to go to the Jane Bond place for a while — do you recommend it? I’ve heard it has good vegetarian dishes…

  2. I would highly recommend it. The atmosphere is good and even though I’ve never eaten there I’ve heard from reliable sources that the vegetarian dishes are excellent. That also play excellent music and have DJ’s in during the week. The bands that come through are usually really good as well.