My Awesome T-Shirts

I like T-Shirts. I like T-Shirts with graphics. After work and on the weekends you will more than likely find me wearing a graphic T-Shirt.
Apparently other people like my t-shirts too since I’ve had many compliments by complete strangers.
A couple years back Firda and I were at the Ontario Science Center to see the Bodyworks exhibit. While waiting in line to get into the Bodyworks exhibit one of the ushers walked up to me and said “I have to shake your hand – your t-shirt is awesome”. I was wearing my blue Superman shirt (with the big red and yellow Superman logo in the center). She then explained that all she ever sees are Spiderman and Batman shirts.
Several months back I was at Shopper’s Drugmart. As I was walking towards the door two other people converged with me – a young lady and a guy who looked like a teen stoner. I let both of them enter the store first – as the guy walked into the store he did a double-take checking out my shirt. He turned to me and said “cool retro shirt”. That day I was wearing my G.I.Joe “Real American Hero” shirt.
Tonight we were grocery shopping at the local Food Basics. As Firda and I walked towards the entrance I saw a box boy sitting outside at a picnic table looking at us. We reached the front door when I heard the box boy say something – it took me a couple seconds to realize that he complimented my shirt. I was wearing a retro Superman t-shirt (with a picture taken from an old likely 1960’s comic). He approached me again inside the store while we got into the check-out line – he showed me his Superman hat and told me he had a bunch of Superman comics including a reprint of Action Comics #1. I mentioned that I use to collect comics back before it got too expensive to do so. I should have told him that I have a Superman comic from 1964 – before either of us were even a sparkle in our parents eyes (likely even before his parents were alive).
The purpose of this post? Just my love of t-shirts!

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