My Name is Spacebound

Ever wanted to go to Mars but couldn’t afford it? Well now your name can go to Mars while you stay on Earth. It seems NASA is going to burn your name onto a CD which will be sent to Mars in one of the Mars rovers. Ultimately the rovers will run out of power and your name will be on Mars for the rest of eternity. Plus you get a certificate of thanks from none other than Edward J. Weiler, who just happens to be my most favorite Associate Administrator in the whole wide world (and who I’d never heard of before this). 🙂
You know I did something like this before when I was a kid. Before they built the Skydome in Toronto you could sign a huge metal girder that would be used in the creation of the stadium. So somewhere in the huge stadium my name is hidden.
[Mars Link pirated from Rebecca. Arghhh!]

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  1. I signed one of those skydome girders too!