Pounded by SPAM!!

So I don’t know if anyone else was pounded by comment spam yesterday but I was. Guess how many crap comments I recieved? 2332. Someone was a busy beaver last night. I just wished they would have used one IP address instead of multiple ones. 🙂 Stupid spammers.

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  1. Have you tried MTBlacklist? It’s really useful in blocking spam comments as long as you remember to keep the list updated. I’d go crazy without it – the spammers use robots to post those comments, so you can get lots of them in a short time.

  2. Yeah, blacklist rocks!

  3. Yes…MT Blacklist makes me happy… 🙂

  4. i completely agree. it may seem like a bit of work at first, but once you install it, comment spam is much easier to manage.

  5. I do have it installed. I guess I just need to keep the file updated with the newest blacklist.txt file. I should do that today.

  6. i use the automated, PHP driven blacklist updater so i am always up to date. you should give it a look!