Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

I really really dislike that song. I think it’s Elton John who sang it. Not the biggest fan of Elton John either but that’s another story.
So for no reason whatsoever I ended staying up really really late last night and slept in really late today. I’m trying to motivate myself to get showered then dressed and then off to school to do a little bit of work on my thesis. I really don’t want to but it’s something I must do.
So I watched Ravenous last night. When a movie has a tagline “You are who you eat” you know your in for a good time. As you can probably tell from the tagline this is a movie about cannabalism. The setting of the movie is in California just before or during the gold rush, so the late 1800’s or something like that. Guy Pearce plays a cowardice army captain who is “promoted” to a remote outpost in California. Everything is calm until a stranger stumbles out of the night and tells them a horrific story involving cannibalism. From there everything goes downhill for the group of people at the fort.
There is more to the story than that but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who wants to see it. Now for my opinion. I really enjoyed the movie. The acting was well done, there weren’t a lot of gross out scenes, the storyline was excellent and never seemed to drag and the scoring was amazing.
I’ve also been playing a game called Morrowind. It’s so very addictive. It’s the most evil game I’ve ever played and it has the potential to be playable for months and months. It sucks you in and doesn’t allow you to leave. 🙂 I know I know. I’m a gamer.

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  1. What many people don’t know, is that we still eat people in California. Most of us eat it barbecued – though you can eat it raw at sushi joints.
    Morrowind rocks, don’t it? I played for several hours today, but I had to cheat at one point. ::sigh:: I didn’t want to, but I was stuck in the blight and those Cliff Racers are brutal. I didn’t bring enough arrows with me. :-

  2. Hehehe, yep, I live play Morrowind too, although I don’t get as much time to play as I’d like. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. 🙂

  3. Cliff Racers suck. I just keep getting attacked by them. They don’t tend to do much damage to me they are just annoying. I was at one point where I thought I would have to cheat as well. I agreed to escort a woman from Ald’ruhn to the Ghostgate shrine and I didn’t realize how crazy it is inside the Ghostgate. Plus when I got her there she gave me a small amount of money so I killed her and took the rest of her money. I’m evil that way. My character is an assassin. What are you two playing?

  4. Wow… you’re a lot further along than I am. I wouldn’t even dream of cruising around inside the ghostfence yet. The biggest problem right now is that my character doesn’t wear armor. I’m playing a custom class that is sort of a cross between a mage and a rogue. Usually, I will take a few shots with a bow before the monsters close in on me, but there are so many cliff racers out in the volcanic region that I ran out of arrows. I was doing ok until I was on the homestretch back to Balmora and I got ambushed all at once by an Alit, a Kwama Forager, and 4 CLIFF RACERS!!! I tried several different ways through there, but I was stuck, and no ALMSIVI Intervention scroll. I had to turn God Mode on for that fight. I’m so ashamed.

  5. Wow! What a bunch of nerds…lol…
    (He says as he shivers from AC withdrawl)

  6. Just played a bit more of Morrowind tonight. (Had to test out the new graphics card and all…looks AWESOME)
    I took your idea of jumping everywhere and started doing it on steps. You can jump up each step individually realllly fast, then jump down and jump up again. Increases your acrobatics quite quickly!
    Much faster than just jumping on a flat surface.
    And you are right, it’s all about the stealing…lol

  7. I jumped everywhere. My acrobatics is at 100 which is the maximum it can be at. I still jump everywhere.
    Word to the wise though. If you find something that looks unique hold onto it. You might need it for a quest. A good way to make money is spell components. Especially scuttle and hacklewood (or something like that). The scuttle is only worth 10 a peice but they weigh very little.
    Oh and in most towns the guardhouses have a bunch of weapons and a suit or two of armor. I usually steal everything I can from the guardhouses and make a couple of thousand.