Stupid Appendix

Rock and Roll!
This is Firda posting. Just wanted to let Blue Goo readers know that Troy had an appendix surgery last night after midnight. His appendix ruptured which left all sorts of nasty stuff around the area. The surgery that was supposed to last only an hour lasted two hours because the O.R. team had to clean up his guts. His condition is currently stable and he’s been drinking ice water and ginger ale. No food yet, though. Hopefully he’ll be released from the hospital in a couple of days. Wish him well!

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  1. sharon

    That sounds nasty!
    Hope you will get better soon,

  2. Kevin

    Get well soon Troy! Beckie and I are wishing you well and a speedy recovery!

  3. I don’t know which has me more shocked… reading that Troy had to have surgery because his appendix ruptured… OR the fact that he trusts Firda with his blog’s password!!
    Get well soon Troy! Heaven only knows what Firda will do to your blog without you!! 🙂

  4. Oh no! That’s scary stuff – wishing Troy a speedy recovery!

  5. hey troy, hope you’re getting much better now
    firda dear, take care.

  6. Laura

    The first thing you should eat is poutine. Or Hot Tamales. It will be the best tasting food ever!
    Glad to hear the sugery was successful, take care little buddy!

  7. Nit

    Oh, dear! It sounds scary. Hope that you will recover soon. Take care and keep us updated when you’re back home.

  8. As I was reading that I became very aware of my own appendix. It’s rather concerning…How would I know if mine was about to pop?
    Hope you are feeling better mr …
    Hope you’re in dancing shape for the wedding!

  9. k&n

    Get well soon Troy! Wow that is scary…I hope the hospital food isn’t too awful! love from kaley and nas

  10. Andrea

    Hey Troy,
    I hope you’re feeling better real soon! Sounds like a pretty rough few days.
    Take care,

  11. Mush & Andy

    Ouch – I wonder if your voice will change now? No one does a better gay Scottish pirate than you! Get well and soon!

  12. Wow. Nasty stuff. Hope your doing better. Like Smoosh I am now wondering about my Appendix.