Stupid Computers!!

Yesterday the computer at work/school decided to start acting funky. It was running Windows NT 4.0, which is better than Windows 95 and 98 since it doesn’t screw up as much but when it does it REALLY screws up. The computer froze up for some reason yesterday and when I rebooted I got an error message saying “NTSFL is Missing”. I checked out the Microsoft knowledge base (on someone elses computer), figured out what to do and semi-fixed it. By semi-fixed I mean I could now reboot and get into Windows but the program wouldn’t recognize the monitor being used. The highest resolution I could get was 800×600 in 16 colours, which hurts my eyes because the fonts are so large.
I gave up working on it yesterday only to spend today reinstalling Windows NT then formatting the hard drive and reinstalling NT again. Then I gave up on NT and decided that Windows 2000 would be my best bet. It was. The last two hours of work was spent reinstalling software, Windows updates, anti-virus programs etc. Sometimes computers waste more of my time than they are worth.
And that is why sometimes I hate computers!!! I have more stuff to install tomorrow. Yipee!

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  1. Firda

    After redesigning your blog, I got hooked on 1024×768 resolution and have been using it a lot more often. The only thing is, I only get 256 colours when I’m using that resolution while on 800×600 resolution, I get High Color (16 bit — still lousy but somewhat better). So yeah. That’s all. Just a bit of useless info 🙂

  2. Pull out your protractor, and a ruler, and an eraser, and a pony (For Pony express letters to people) and do all of your equations long hand (I guess you could use an abacus), and whatever else an engineer of your type might use…Use them for a day….Then tell us how much you hate computers…
    Don’t forget to hire a jester for mindless entertainment throughout the day….
    Who went and made 8:30 such an early time of the day?
    I hate computers some days too….

  3. XP pro has been nothing but a friend – much beter than the mess Win ME was – why did Dell even install that on their machines…

  4. Hey Nikki 🙂
    XP is great. I’ve had very few problems with it since I installed it. No complaints from me 🙂