Take that Dubya!

Some days I think that there is still hope for America as a country. Today is one of those days. The U.S. senate rejected pushing a vote on a proposed consitutional amendent that would ban gay marriages. I’m thankful that this happened. I believe that everyone has the right to marry no matter what sex their partner is. I also believe that there should be no place for religion when making governmental decisions. Our former prime minister believed that gay marriage was “an evolution of society” and even stated that even though his religion may not agree with it that religion has no place in politics.
Good job America. Keep the course and everything will be good.

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  1. The only point I think needs working on is the church. I don’t think the church should be forced to marry a gay couple if they feel it is against their religious beliefs. I feel that in the end what gay marriages will do is make the church pull out of marrying people. The government will do the marriages and then the church will perform the ceremony at a later date. The Reverand who married us said in two years chuches will no longer marry people. You will go to town hall and in a small room answer some questions and sign some papers and be legally married. At that point you will go to your church and have the minister perform the religeous eremony.

  2. Yeah, religion is really a whole other ball of cats when it comes to marriage. I’ll stay out of that one, but I will say this: If you start a church, you can create your own set of rules, and people can either adhere to them, or find another venue for worshipping whatever god they choose to worship.
    Simple… right?
    The simple fact of the matter is the separation of church and state. Since the definition of marriage has been a (recent) issue, I haven’t understood how these powers that be could use their religious beliefs to govern a population as diverse in (religious, or non-religious) beliefs as we are in ethnicity. How can we be taken seriously as a nation of diversity, or a melting pot society, if we condone such contradictory behaviour? We can’t. Simple.
    Oh well, I’m just really crazy happy about this victory today!
    Congratulations to everyone who this directly affects!