The 2000th Commentor

I just noticed that at some point in the last week I recieved my 2000th comment on this blog. Sadly it wasn’t one of my regulars but that’s okay. In honour of this achievement I’ve decided to review the top 10 entries (based on # of comments).
#10: Welcome to (15 comments) – Posted when I moved over to my current domain, given to me as a birthday present from Firda at the beginning of 2004.
#9: Japanese English (16 comments) – English phrases/wording/instructions slaughtered by the Japanese. Funny stuff.
#8: Tardy the Turtle (17 comments) – Tardy the Turtle was a character from the shortlived FOX series Greg the Bunny. Sadly like all good things it didn’t last, though it appears people really loved Tardy.
#7: Kinko’s is the Devil (17 comments) – A real life story about how much Kinko’s sucks. Most of the comments are from people who work at Kinko’s (who were usually offended by my comments) or who had previously worked at Kinko’s (and agreed with me) with one comment attacking my grammar 🙂
#6: South African Scams (18 comments) – I posted this message the first type I recieved this scam in my email. I posted it as a warning to those who have recieved this obviously fradulent email.
#5: I Love Comments (19 comments) – This was my pathethic attempt to get comments during a comment lull. It seemed to work 🙂
#4: Pimps at Sea (21 comments) – Back in 2002 Bungie (a gaming company) pulled an April Fools on the gaming world by announcing “Pimps at Sea”. The premise was that you are a pirate pimp. Interesting concept. Confusing to many people.
#3: Bags of Milk (28 comments) – One of the mysteries of Canada: Milk sold in bags. Wonders of wonders.
#2: Selena Gun Destroyed (38 comments) – A post regarding the destruction of the gun that was used to kill singing superstar Selena. In the past week I believe I’ve had 6 or 7 posts to this entry. Most of the comments are people looking for her autopsy photos.
And the #1 commented on entry is…..
#1: Johnny Cash Hurt (129 comments) – In 2002 Johnny Cash remade the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt”. The debate raged on as to whether it was better than the NiN version or if Johnny Cash screwed it up. In my opinion both versions have their merits. Thankfully the comment area didn’t turn into a flamer war. 🙂
And there it is. I’d like to thank everyone who has posted on my blog. Especially my regulars. Here’s to another 1000 comments. Thanks.

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  1. i was your 1000th commenter & i got a nifty cd!!!!! i was way excited!!