The Last Couple of Weeks

It’s been a while since I’ve written an entry.
Things are good. Firda has two pictures in a photography show in Toronto – it’s a charity show for the Canadian Cancer Society. See her entry about the show here. If you are in Toronto in the month of July you should check it out.
The second week of June we spent up at the cottage with a group of friends (many of which I know from public school). We spent most of the weekend eating, hanging out, and occasionally swimming. It was a relatively low key occasion. Only one injure (someone grabbed a really hot metal poking stick and blistered their hand). Oh and we broke on of the docks while trying to see the International Space Station fly-by (which we didn’t see).
We then had a free weekend – which we spent doing very little. Life was good. Nice and relaxing.
Last weekend (the Canada Day long weekend) we headed up to the family cottage to spend the weekend with some friends from my days at university. The weekend was windy and cold, but we still had a good time. Lots of great food. We played a lot of games and read a lot.
This weekend we had nothing to do, though we knew it was going to be a hot weekend, so we headed down to my parents place. The place also known as “where the pool and air conditioning is”. As you can tell we spent a bunch of time in the pool, and in the glorious air conditioning. We also had a Bar-B-Q with friends we haven’t seen in a while (and likely won’t see until the end of the farming season).
We also played three games of Settlers of Catan. Which I won (yes all three)!! And the first game was finishing in about 20 minutes – where a regular game usually takes between an hour to two hours.
Other than that we are just taking it easy. Monday looms. Back to Scrabble (on Facebook).

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  1. Joe Hird

    Isn’t your arm sore yet? (from patting yourself on the back)