The Monsters of Elora

Originally uploaded by firda.

This past weekend Firda and I took a day trip to Elora. We had heard that we really should go around Halloween to see the art around town (by the artist none the less). In the spirit of Halloween the monsters have taken over the town. All over the buildings in the downtown area monsters can be found climbing, sitting, dining and in general just being threatening in Elora. If you’d like to see the photo set of the monsters check it out here (I took most of the pictures since Firda was busy ).
Also interestingly Firda and I noticed that a posse of Toronto Photo Bloggers were out and about snapping pictures as well. Firda recognized Rannie (aka PhotoJunkie), but she was too shy to say hi.
This weekend we are heading down to my parents place to partake in the annual Waterford Pumpkinfest. Should be an interesting time, since Firda’s never been before. Though it looks like this weekend might be rather chilly and occasionally rainy. Hopefully we can go and see the fireworks tonight and maybe hit the spook house.

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