The TV Guide Game #4 – Dec. 27, 1989

Another round. This one from Wednesday December 27, 1989.
Synopsis #1: “Despite Joey’s warning, Michael falls hard for a new woman, who happens to be the mother of one of Nicole’s boyfriends”
Synopsis #2: “His parents’ trip out of town signals party time for the Doog and friends, whose plans include drinking beer on a night when he is on call”
Synopsis #3: “Relic is pinned by a log during a log spill and, threatened by a rising tide, must rely on his own ingenuity to rescue himself” (Hint: Canadians are the only ones likely to get this one. Or people who live close to the Canadian border and get our TV signals.)
Update: Round #4 is over. k&n got synopsis #1 right (My Two Dads), Hed got synopsis #2 right (Doogie Howser M.D.), and lucky7 got #3 right (The Beachcombers).
So the current score is Hed (3), lucky7 (2) and k&n (2). If people are still interested I will post another one soon.

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  1. No clue about #1 or #3, but two is Doogie Howser, MD.
    I had a dog that was named after him. We acquired him after he had the unfortunate name. OK, his was Doogie Bowser, but still it was annoying.

  2. #3 is The Beachcombers. That brings back memories. We watched that every week.

  3. laura

    #2 “Doogie Houser”
    #3 “Beach Combers”
    Not sure of #1, maybe Charles in Charge?

  4. Laura

    #2 “Doogie Houser”
    #3 “Beach Combers”
    That crazy drunk bastard Relic, he’s his own nemisis.
    #1, Not so sure…maybe ‘Baywatch”?

  5. k&n

    okay #1 – my two dads? #2 obviously Doogie Howser, MD, and #3 Beachcombers!!