Summer Fill-ins!

Happy Summer everyone!
I really dislike summer. The heat, the humidity, the sweating, the crotch chaff, your skin sticking to plastic seats (thankfully I don’t have plastic seats). Plus the lack of new TV shows from your favorite TV series.
Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy the three to five month reprise we get from regular TV. I like the freedom (not that I am a slave to TV, it’s just nice to not have to remember when shows are on).
As of this week this all changed. Sunday night I decided to check out the new “Amazing Race” rip-off – “Treasure Hunters” and actually enjoyed it. It’s like the Amazing Race but with more thinking. There are also a lot of teams that I despise on the show (i.e. the Pastor family), which makes for good viewing since I love when they get eliminated. I also like the fact that for part of the show teams needed to pair up and work together. Interesting and I’d like to see how it works out.
Big Brother 7 started this week as well. Actually it was just a set-up episode (which I missed because I forgot all about it). This season is the “All-Star” version of the show, where contestants from the previous shows come back to play. The first twist is that the public gets to select who they want in the house. I think the real episodes start next week.
The final show is “America’s Got Talent“, which is the bastard child of American Idol and the Gong Show. While we were watching it Firda was laughing so hard. Any show that makes you laugh so hard you start coughing is good in my books. Plus the Hasselhoff is on it. 🙂
What have or will you been watching this summer? Let me know.

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  1. Since we get all the new shows later than you do, they don’t all go on a break during the summer. So right now we’re still seeing new episodes of ER, Lost, CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, Bones and Cold Case. That’s plenty of TV for the summer! 🙂