The Weekend – Feist, The Bloc Party and Broken Social Scene

The weekend is almost here and I’m only getting around to writing about last weekend. I should really try harder 🙂
Firda and I had a busy weekend, at least a busy Friday and Saturday. Friday night two of my friends from back home, Tom and Allison, got married. The wedding start around 6:00 pm in Simcoe, Ontario. The ceremony was nice, the food was amazing (the groom has his chef papers so he selected only the best), the company was great (table 9 ruled), and the dancing hurt my body. The partying went on until 12:30 at the hall, when Firda and I left for my parents place to sleep. From what I’ve been told the party continued (after a change of venue) into the wee hours of the morning.
Saturday morning we woke up, showered, changed, packed and drove to Toronto. We went to our friends place, hung out for a while, had Indian food for lunch/dinner, and then headed down to Olympic Island to listen to some great music. We ended up missing the first two acts (Raising the Fawn and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr fame) but we weren’t too disappointed. Soon after arrive we bumped into another set of friends, threw out blankets down in the shade, and hung out for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Feist was the first performer we saw, and even though she was battling some kind of flu bug she still had a sense of humour and the energy to get the crowd singing and jumping to the music. She was the artist that I came to see and was not disappointed.
The next band up was The Bloc Party. Though I do have some of their music I haven’t paid as much attention to them as they deserve. As soon as they took the stage the crowd became one large energized mass, jumping, dancing and singing with the band. During this set I rushed off to the bathrooms, since the line ups were almost none existant. Firda went to the bathroom during their last song, when we got to the bathroom there was no lineup, 5 minutes after the last song the washroom lines were massive.
The final band of the night was Toronto’s very own Broken Social Scene, of which Feist is also a “member” (though I think almost every musician in Toronto is a member in someway). The number of musicians on the stage during their set ranged from 5 to the low teens. At this point the sun had gone down and the lasers/smoke was broken out. We only stayed for half the set but what we heard was great.
After a night of dancing, and a day of hanging out in the great outdoors, we were beat. Firda and I decided to drive back to Waterloo, so we could sleep in on Sunday and sleep in we did. Sunday was rather relaxing. We did some running around during the day, checking out thrift stores and such, then watched a boat load of TV/DVDs that afternoon/evening. It was nice to be able to relax for a day. This weekend should likely be relaxing as well. It’s the Canada Day weekend, meaning I get Monday off. Yeehaw! 🙂

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  1. Sharon

    Wow. I love Feist and Bloc Party. You’re lucky!