Update Update!

My blog looks kind of empty when I don’t do a Friday Five. On Friday I read this weeks questions and thought to myself “That seems like a lot of thinking”. So I didn’t do it.
I’m slowly cleaning up my picture pages so that they are all snapGallery creations (maintaining some semblance of continuity). Only two more to go and they will be done.
I’ve also been busy offline since I’ve been asked to run a project for my supervisor at the university. He teaches a class called “Microstructural Changes in Engineering Alloys” (which I have taken) and he asked me to run the first project for the students taking the course. They are actually using samples that I created for my thesis so it only makes sense. The project isn’t that hard and hopefully they don’t need much help since I don’t remember everything I learnt from the course (it was over two years ago when I took it) 🙂
My weekend was fun. Didn’t do much on Friday night but on Saturday a bunch of friends got together. Two couples brought their babies (one baby is about 3 months old and the other is around 1.5 months). We sat around and chatted though most of the attention was on the little ones. It was fun. The rest of the weekend was spent either sleeping or reading, which I can’t complain about.
That’s all I have for now. Until later have a good one 🙂

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  1. How’s the TA-ing going?