Weekend O’Rama

Hello. It’s been a couple of days since updating due to (i) I didn’t feel like updating and (ii) I didn’t feel like taking the time to put my thoughts together into a coherent entry (which I very rarely do so why start now). So now I will ramble about my weekend.
Friday night I went over to a friends place to see her new baby. We work together at the school and had the baby on December 22nd while most people were on vacation and out of town. The baby girl is super cute with big inquisitive eyes. A friend who is working in Hong Kong (but work with myself and the friend we went to see at the university) was home so he came with us as well. We had a really nice conversation and then I went home. I didn’t do much that night. Played Tony Hawk so more and watched a little bit of TV. Nothing big.
On Saturday two friends came in from Toronto to hang out. I picked them up at the bus station around 2:00 pm and we went around and did some shopping. The highlight of the shopping trip was going to the new Krispy Kreme shop in Kitchener and picking up two of their evil addictive dozen donuts. I bought a couple of CDs (The Beatles “Abbey Road” and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Extra Width“) and the new Nick Hornby book “Songbook” which is a McSweeney’s plublication.
That night my friends from Toronto, my friend from Toronto’s cousin, an ex-housemate/classmate and his girlfriend went out for dinner at the Rude Native Bistro. I had the Singapore Noodles which were amazing. After that we went back to my ex-housemates apartment and hung out for a while. They were going out to see a band which we weren’t really into so we left and went to Williams Coffee Pub for a drink and then I dropped off the cousin and the rest of us went back to my place. I set up Grand Theft Auto 3 for the guy from TO and the girl and I watched Trading Spaces. Yes I’m a guy and yes I do find it interesting.
Sunday was a little more laid back. We got up around 11:00 am and went out for breakfast at a little greasy spoon close to my place. We then did some Dollar Store shopping then went to Future Shop then to the mall (where I bought two more CDs – Weezer’s “Pinkerton” and the Flaming Lips “Soft Bulletin“) and then dropped them off at the bus station. On the way home I went to Value Village and picked up a bunch of books – with a suprising find of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” and an interesting Lonely Planet guide to Southeast Asia (so I can learn more about Indonesia and Singapore). The remainder of yesterday was spent watching the movie Signs (which I really enjoyed), watching the Sunday night line up (The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle and Andy Richter Controls the Universe) and playing on the computer. How was your weekend? Fun I hope.

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  1. Why does that sound like such a perfect weekend? Wow.

  2. Busy but it was fun. I’m hoping to keep it low-key this weekend.