1. Which comes first, human or DNA? I think without you, your DNA wouldn’t exist either. Isn’t it scary that you can be cloned only by manipulating the DNA found in your hair? One has to be extra careful with their hair these days 🙂 I personally don’t want to be cloned. It’s just creepy.
    Anyway, just commenting because you like getting comments, though coming from me it might not be so exciting 🙂

  2. Firda: I would imagine it’s the whole chicken and the egg deal. In this case I am thinking DNA before any living creatures. Since we can’t exist without it and it is just a bunch of nucleotides connected together. It isn’t actually living. It’s just blueprints.
    GeekGrrl: I did indeed see it on Google. Google’s good that way. It reminds me about things 🙂

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