Book Sale, Cat Stratch Fever etc etc.

I headed home to my parents place this past weekend for two reasons. The first was to take care of my parents animals since they went to Toronto and stayed there Saturday night. The second reason is the monthly book sale in Dunville (that I’ve talked about many many times before). I picked up a bunch of great books. Two Chuck Palahniuk books (Diary and Invisible Monsters), a bunch of poetry books, an Onion compendium, some travel books (since I like checking out different places for future travelling plans) and a bunch of smaller shorter books. I love the book sale. I ended up with 27 books (ranging in size, shape and thickness) for 58 dollars. You certainly can’t beat that!
I also realized something else this weekend. I really enjoy going home but I always come back to Waterloo with my hands all cut up. I really should stop bugging the cat. Then this wouldn’t happen! 🙂

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  1. Hmm. I thought Molly had been declawed. Did she bite you? Or have the claws grown back?

  2. She has her front feet declawed. And the cuts are a combination of bites and back feet scratches. It’s just so much fun annoying her. 🙂

  3. Ah, the kitty death kick! I know it well. Once, I was trying to bathe one of our new kittens. I didn’t have a grip on his back paws while in transit from the living room to the bath. Well, he got me with one of them, and completely laid the palm of my hand open. Needed 14 stitches. Owww.. Never carried him without being sure I had a grip on his back paws again.
    I love to bug my cats too. I think I probably have daily welts from it. Probably should stop, but it’s just so damn fun!