Henry Rollins is the Man

From the title of this post you already know that I thought the show last night was amazing. Henry Rollins is such a loud, well-informed, well-read, funny and overall well-rounded person I’ve ever heard speak. He spoke none stop for around 3 hours and when he ended I wanted more. The first thing he said when he got onto the stage was a sort of disclaimer stating “I’m going to say things tonight that you may not agree with and that is okay because you have your opinion and I have mine. If you don’t like my opinion I am okay with that as well”. He then started with the stories. He complained about how cold it was in Winnipeg (where he was the night before) and told a story about how he almost froze to death in the back of a cube van when he was touring in Canada with Black Flag. He then went the differences between Canada and America and how he has to adjust to Canada when he comes here. Throughout the 3 hours he talked about politics (mostly the looming war in Iraq), music (including a story about the first time he saw the Ramones live), racism, how to disband the KKK, hate mail he has recieved, purchasing the FM Gold CD box set off of late night informercials, how women know everything and he is pissed off about that, how he doesn’t think education is worth anything unless you’ve got the mileage to back it up plus several other smaller tidbits of information which I’m sure will continue to pop up in my mind throughout the week.
If you get the chance go and see him speak. He swears, he makes offensive statements occasionally and you may not agree with everything you say but it is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. He mentioned something about going to Singapore (which I’m not sure about and it’s not listed on his tour date page but for those Singaporeans (or ex-pats) keep your eyes open and go if he does go to SG).

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  1. I saw Rollins last week too! I hadn’t seen him since ’96 in Calgary. Quite hilarious and informative. Sorta like Biafra Lite…