Labour Day Long Weekend

Apparently it is the time of the year when you shouldn’t wear white anymore.
This past Labour day long weekend Firda and I, along with twelve friends and acquaintances, hung out at my family’s cottage. It was a weird weekend weather wise. Really cold at night and early in the morning, semi-warm during the day, raining on and off all Saturday, beautiful on Monday (the day we had to go home).
I think everyone had a relatively good time. We spent most of the weekend relaxing and eating. Books were read, pictures were taken (mostly by Firda), sunbathing was had, swimming was done (the water actually hurt my lungs the first time I jumped into the water) and libations were drunk.
It was a nice weekend but getting home was nice too. Traffic was crazy but we didn’t have to sit in it for too long. We jumped off the major highway and hit the backroads. We even had a chance to stop in Guelph for some Vietnamese before getting home.
I hope everyone else had a good time this past holiday weekend.

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  1. i never wear white. my skin is already parchment color.