Podcasting and the CBC

Recently I’ve discovered the wonders of PodCasts. I know I was late jumping into this partical boat, but now that I have I find them highly entertaining. I also find that it is something to listen to during the time I’m at work. I tend to listen to the online broadcast of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) but since their workforce have been locked out and are currently on strike I need my intellectual (or idiotic) fix.
One of the coolest things about podcasting is that anyone can do it (much like blogging). This means that the CBC workers who are currently on strike can continue doing what they love even though if they can’t do it for the company they want to.
This morning was the first broadcast of “Studio Zero” which came straight from the picket line in Vancouver. Even though most of the talk on the show had to do with the strike they also had local musicians and local weather. It was nice hearing from many of the CBC personalities that I typically enjoy on a daily basis.
The power of the internet. I love it.

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