Troy Update (Day 4)

Still no news on when Troy will be allowed to go home. He’s had to put oxygen tubes into his nostrils because his oxygen level is low. He’s allowed to eat jelly but he wouldn’t because he’s still dealing with the acid influx as well as the gas build-up inside his stomach which is making him feel bloated. He’s also having a case of diarrhea. He’s had it since yesterday, I think. The nurse said it’s okay if he wouldn’t eat now and that he could eat whenever he’s ready. Apparently walking is supposed to help with the gas build-up so he’s been pushing himself to go for a walk every so often. When I got to the hospital, we went for a walk and he said it was the 9th walk of the day. And we went for another walk later. I think he was pushing himself too hard because later in the day, he was just too drained and I think he had a bit of temperature going on. Well, I think that’s all the news for today. Until tomorrow.

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  1. I hope you are telling Troy that we’re all wishing him to get better soon!

  2. What Dave2 said! I hope he’ll get to come home soon.

  3. Smelder

    Firda – tell Troy we’re all pulling for him. I hope he’s eating solid food again soon!

  4. i hope troy gets better soon! Firda – would he appreciate you telling everyone he has the runs? 😀

  5. Probably not, but for now his blog is MINE!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!